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Lawyer Dennis J. Dietzler, Esq.

In this complex business world, new and old businesses occasionally need assistance in creating, developing, operating or expanding their business. With over 33 years of experience of representing businesses, Dennis J. Dietzler, Esq. can offer the advice and guidance to enable your business to achieve its goals. Dennis J. Dietzler has experience in assisting businesses from startups to multi-million dollar enterprises. He has and does represent businesses involved in manufacturing, services, promotional products, real estate development, technology, computer programming, insurance and many other fields.

Starting or Purchasing Your Own Business?

Whether you are starting your own business or purchasing an existing business, Dennis J. Dietzler has the experience to facilitate the transaction. I have represented hundreds of businesses in deciding which type of entity would be most appropriate for the business. Once decided, I can assist the business owner in creating a corporation, limited liability company or partnership.

Operating or Growing Your Existing Business?

Are you currently operating a business? Dennis can assist its operation by negotiating and/or preparing many documents required to ensure the lasting operation of your business. He can prepare employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, service agreements, manufacturing agreements, distribution agreements and many more types of documents needed in the current competitive business environment.

Buying or Selling a Business?

Dennis J. Dietzler has worked with a national business broker for the past 15 years to close on hundreds of business transaction. He has represented sellers and buyers in negotiating, drafting transactional documents and closing the transaction. Sellers and buyers need guidance in these transactions and based upon Dennis’ experience he can offer the required assistance.

Does Your Business Involve Real Estate?

Dennis Dietzler represents numerous businesses in the purchase, operation or leasing of commercial and residential real estate. He drafts and reviews leases for commercial buildings, apartment units, residential units and investments properties. Purchasing or leasing real estate may subject your business to a variety of risks and conditions. As a result of his past experience, Dennis will be able to assist you in maneuvering in this risky environment. Many of his business clients own or lease real estate.

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