Business Closing Services


Neutral Closing Services.  Dietzler Law Office offers several levels of closing services for buyers and sellers of businesses. With over 15 years of working with business brokers, Dietzler Law Office has developed fast, efficient and comprehensive services to the buyers and sellers of businesses. In this capacity Dietzler Law Office offers neutral closing services for the transaction. Levels of services include:

  1. Closing Agent. Dietzler Law Office acts as a closing agent only. Sellers and buyers are responsible for preparation of all documents. Dietzler Law conducts closing and, if necessary, records UCC Financing Statement. Fee is generally $500, plus filing fees, if any.
  2. Document Preparation and Closing Agent. With the consent of Buyer and Seller, Dietzler Law drafts the required transactional documents which are to be reviewed by seller and buyer and/or their attorneys or representatives (Dietzler Law prepares what it considers to be neutral transactional documents). Dietzler Law conducts the closing and if necessary records UCC Financing Statement. Fees range from $1,700 for non-seller financing transactions to $2,100 for seller financing transactions. Fees are typically split by buyer and seller. Dietzler Law acts as a neutral in the transaction and does not represent either buyer or seller. Documents typically include many of the following: Asset Purchase Agreement, Closing Statement, Promissory Note, Security Agreement, UCC Financing Statement, Personal Guaranty, Bill of Sale, and Corporate Resolutions.

Individual Representation. In addition to providing services as a neutral attorney for closings and/or preparation of closing documents, Dennis J. Dietzler, Esq. also represents individual buyers or sellers of businesses.  In this capacity Dennis Dietzler represents one of the parties in the traditional sense, for an hourly fee.

For  answers to any questions, call Dennis J. Dietzler, Esq. at (612) 866-6086.