Buying or Selling a Business

Buying or Selling a Business or Commercial Assets

Business Purchase and Sale Representation

Many people do not realize that the value of having an attorney when buying or selling a business or large commercial assets. It is always tempting to look at the bottom line-and overlook small details that can become big issues down the road. From my law office in Edina, Minnesota, I will provide you with comprehensive negotiation, advising, and contract services to make sure your purchase is the right one at the right price, or that your sale is a square deal.

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What exactly are you buying?

Minneapolis Corporate Lawyer Minnesota Saint Paul MN Business Start Up Attorney RichfieldA business purchase is never as simple as it looks. After 25 years as a business lawyer in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, I have a detailed understanding of the needs of local businesses. I know the right questions to ask, such as:

  • Is there a non-compete covenant?
  • Are there liens or suits pending against the company?
  • Are you buying the name and associated goodwill?
  • Are there any trademarks included?

You can rest assured that I will see to it that you are fully aware of everything you are getting in your business purchase-have every detail put into writing and enforceable by law.

Avoid Litigation

Over my 25 years as a Twin Cities-area business attorney, I have tried cases for many clients who did not have the foresight to protect themselves from the beginning of their purchase or sale negotiations. I have seen first-hand the time and money spent in court that could have been avoided if an attorney had been contacted at the time of the sale.

Experience Representing Business Developers

I worked for a number of years developing transactional documents for a business developer. I turned one-page agreements into complete and comprehensive contracts that outlined the rights and obligations of all parties involved. As your contract lawyer, I will provide you with the same meticulous service before your business purchase or sale.

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